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Thoughts on React Native

April 30, 2020

I’ve been a native (emphasis mine) mobile developer for many years, having learned on iOS 31; and ever since, I’ve been a staunch supporter and firm believer in native-only development. Cross-platform development? Eww, gross, and language please; those words are dirty. No thank you, sir. I’m a clean developer, a master craftsman who actually cares about their work. I don’t slop things together in whatever language. No, I use objective-c Swift. Native-first, native-only, hoo-rah (fist pump)! I breath rarified air from a bag.

Until I don’t.

  1. Or maybe 4? I know I released my first app on iOS 4, but I can’t recall if I actually started in iOS 3. Let’s just say 3, cause it sounds better, right? Also, that fish I didn’t catch because I don’t fish was at least 80 lbs. 

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